“Bryn is absolutely the best thing that could have happened to my writing. She is consistent, encouraging, and clear. She helped me identify not only parts of my book that needed polishing, but parts of my craft as a whole. On top of her spot-on edits, she is fairly priced and reasonable to work with. As an indie author, budget is everything, and she was worth every penny! I am a better writer for the work she has put in and I am forever grateful. I am very much looking forward to hiring Bryn for all of my future projects.”

Jack Segreto, author of Conditional Immortality

“I’m horrible at naming pieces of writing. Any time I need help, I talk to Bryn (aka, ‘The Title Whisperer’). She has a talent for titles!”

Rayna P.

“Having collaborated with Bryn on several projects, I return to her for two reasons: the first is that she sees a piece for what it is, and she works with me to realize my best version of it, rather than thinking about how she’d ‘better’ it were it her own work. The second is that Bryn’s take on editing work humanizes what often feels like an impersonal process: she is constructive, humorous, and warm. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an editor with whom to trust their most precious work.”

Katie P.

“Bryn excels at both the editorial process as well as offering constructive advice to anyone seeking to improve their own writing.”

Micaelyn C.

“Bryn is the rare editor who combines a meticulous eye with an acutely perceptive heart. It’s always an encouraging and illuminating process when she examines my written work. A skillful ally and a discerning guide, her commitment to growth in writers and their writing have made her insights invaluable on my own writing journey. Bryn is the editor I trust most with my own manuscripts, and I feel confident recommending her to other writers knowing they and their work will be given the best of care.”

V. Weiss

“Bryn offers constructive criticism, positive feedback, and a voice of experience to those in need of assistance and guidance. Her work makes a difference.”

Jeff Hollis, Technical Writer for ZAG Technical Services
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